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Learn Kubernetes by Example

  Looking to understand Kubernetes and cloud native development? Here is a free and continuously updated online collection of resources on everything Kubernetes, by RedHat. Kubernetes as the forefront of Cloud native development is all the rage right now. I outlined its importance in my preview of Udacity's newest Nanodegree,  Udacity Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree  and  in  my write-up , I describe that the Kubernetes (the Greek work for Captain) ecosystem is comprised of a number of elements: full article on

Middle Schoolers Learn To Code With Blackbird

  Blackbird, an integrated learning platform featuring a custom version of JavaScript, specifically designed for use with middle school and high school students, has just joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. As a result Blackbird now integrates with Google products like Google Sign In, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, and is listed in the Google Cloud Partner Directory, bringing it to a much wider audience. So what can educators expect from Blackbird? full article on

Play The Flex Box Adventure

  Coding Fantasy is a new platform for learning CSS, HTML and JavaScript by playing coding games. It already offers a free fun educational game for learning how to use the CSS Flex Box mode and here we look at what it entails. Coding Fantasy's creator Nick Bull has provided a well thought out gamified approach for learning about web development. The first game, Flex Box Adventure, uses three simple sprites - the Knight, Mage and Rogue- who must defeat the evil forces. Defeating them means placing your heroes at the same position as the evil ones by using flexbox's instructions like  flex-direction,justify-content  and  align-items . Check the pictures below for an example of how it works: Challenge Solution #field { display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: flex-end; } full article on

The Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree - Foundations

 I n cooperation with SUSE, Udacity is launching a new highly practical, project-oriented Nanodegree to learn how to design and deploy microservices by leveraging cloud native tools and patterns. The  Cloud Native Application Architecture  Nanodegree aims to: Meet the growing demand for cloud native architects and learn to identify the best application architecture solutions for an organization’s needs. The program, which is at intermediate level, will take four months with 10 hours per week effort and has as its pre-requisites some familiarity with HTTP, Python, Git, Linux, Docker. While this program is now up and running, with a session starting on June 16 and thereafter at regular intervals, Udacity invited students who wanted an introduction to Cloud Native Applications to participate in a 2-month Cloud Native Application Foundations course. This forms part of Scholarship Challenge Phase paving the way to one of 300 full scholarships to the complete Nanodegree. full article on i-pr

Open Source Insights Into The Software Supply Chain

  Open Source Insights is a new project by Google that helps developers understand and visualize their applications' dependencies and therefore the vulnerabilities that come with them. Supply chain security is all the rage right now. We've taken a look at the implications as well as the ways of mitigation in " Does Sigstore Really Secure The Supply Chain? " the Linux Foundation's answer to supply chain attacks: full article on

GraalVM 21.1 Released - What's New?

  GraalVM, the runtime that compiles Java bytecode into native self-contained executables has reached version 21.1. We had a look at GraalVM's integration with Spring Boot last March in " Compile Spring Applications To Native Images With Spring Native " as a testament to its use cases.In that case Spring Native let you compile Spring applications to native images using the GraalVM native-image compiler. What's the advantage in that? Instant startup, instant peak performance, and reduced memory consumption, since the native Spring applications are deployed as a standalone executable without including a JVM installation.These are the advantages that the use of GraalVM brings.   full article on

Perl 5.34.0 Released - What's New?

  We look at the first stable release of version 34 of Perl 5. It's the culmination of around 11 months of development and represents 280,000 lines of changes across 2,100 files from 78 authors. Sadly this is going to be the final release under Sawyer X's supervision as he is  stepping down  from the position of the Pumpking due to being bullied for suggesting that the language has got cruft that must be cleaned. That aside, what news does this release bring? full article on