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GitLab Goes Serverless

Functions-as-a-service (FaaS) is a pit where the big names collide.It is the future of enterprise computing as the cloud provider handles the underlying infrastructure, letting the client focus on its core business of designing applications. full article on i-programmer

C# 8, What's Coming

C# never ceases to evolve. Starting out as a copycat mix of Java and C++, selecting their best parts, the language has since walked its own way, innovating by itself. With version 8 on the horizon, let's have a look at the strongest candidates among the proposals for the finalized draft. Nullable reference types Once, value types couldn't be null, but that changed with the introduction of  System.Nullable in C# 2, although the syntactic sugar of the '?' modifier which renders byte? and System.Nullable interchangeable is what stuck the most. full article on i-programmer