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Gazebo Robot Simulator Makes Version 7

Ever had the urge of building a robot but found the cost and time required prohibitive? The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) offers the solution to both those problems with its free and open source Gazebo robot  simulator. Used by both hobbyists and professionals alike, one can build models that act like real robots and move in their own world, ruled by its four, state of the art, physics engines (the default being ODE Open Dynamics Engine , for simulating rigid body dynamics). Why that many physics engines? read full article on i-programmer

Lodash - A Functional JavaScript Library

Lodash began as a fork of the popular Underscore.js library but since then has managed to become its superset, adding new features and performing much better. Version 3.4.0 has recently been released. It has sprung into existence because of the need for better and more agile modularization,closing the gap left behind by big libraries like jQuery. JQuery, being a massive library, made tapping into individual features difficult, requiring loading the whole of the library to get just to the little functionality needed. read full article on i-programmer

Advanced Perl Regular Expressions - The Pattern Code Expression

In this part of our series exploring Perl RegEx we are going to look into another advanced construct, that of the pattern code expression ??{code} . According to the official perldoc this  " like a regular code expression, except that the result of the code evaluation is treated as a regular expression and matched immediately." We will also attempt to combine it with the ?{code} code evaluation expression, covered in the first part of the series. We'll build on the same scenario, in which we were receiving a serialized stream from a web service that had all special characters encoded in HTML entity hex encoding. The requirement was to convert them back to their actual character representation, for example ' £ ' would become the pound £ symbol). Additionally we are going to search for files that contain the decoded string in their names. read full article on i-programmer - Smart Device Seeker - Find your new Tablet, Smart Phone and Smart Watch with ease!

We are a new Startup that aims to build a web site that will be the most accurate database for smart devices as it will allow users to search for their ideal smart device (phone,tablet,smartwatch) by going through specialized criteria, like the width of the device, the amount of megapixels the rear camera has, how many fps video can it shoot, etc. Because it unifies all smart devices it makes easy to seek the ideal device and help you find your next Tablet, Smart Phone and Smart Watch, acting as the Buyer's Consultant .... Proudly built with Perl and the Dancer framework Visit

Autonomous Robot Weaponry - The Debate

Let's face it, Robots in one form or another seem to be everywhere. Having infiltrated factories, healthcare, marine and space exploration, Robots will soon conquer the household too, taking care of all those pesky chores. But what about their military applications. Can they be used to form an army? Further, what about that army being autonomous, able to locate and attack targets without any user intervention? Do not confuse this use of robots with drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which are (still) controlled by humans. The idea of armed robots might sound far-fetched  but on the contrary the discussion that took place during the World Economic Forum in Davos, proves the exact opposite. As a topic that needs to be debated in such a high profile forum, can only mean that the issue is real or will become so in the very near future. read on i-programmer