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What Eats Your Programming Time

ActiveState has published the results of its 2019 Developer Survey with the title "Open Source Runtime Pains". It provides interesting insights into the challenges faced by coders when working with open source runtimes.   "Coder" used here embraces a wide spectrum of IT jobs such as developers, engineers, data scientists, Q&A, etc. Specifically out of the 1250 survey takers, 65.4% were professional developers,  15.3% were hobbyists, 10.2% students with 9.1% being "others".  full article on i-programmer

Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers

If you are interested in using containers, in particular Kubernetes, Digital Ocean has provided a  self paced, and free, community curriculum and there's also a  fun introduction from the Cloud Native Foundation. Before you jump into DO's tutorials, there's a more fun alternative resource which introduces the total newbie, including kids, to the same concepts. It's the  The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes  by the Cloud Native Foundation starring Phippy, Goldie and Captain Kube and is:   dedicated to all the parents who try to explain software engineering to their children. full article on i-programmer

The Raku Beginner Tutorial

If you want to get to grips with Raku, formerly Perl 6, there is a 30- part YouTube playlist to get you started with it. After splitting from Perl 5 and its renaming from Perl 6 to Raku, a move that has cleared up much confusion (see  Perl and Raku Both Anticipating Newfound Glory  if you missed the story to date)  the time has come to familiarize yourself with the language up and close. There are many ways to get started, such as with a good book like  Think Perl 6  which I awarded a 5-star review when I reviewed it, but what better way to get a quick overview than a few well-made (and free) video tutorials? Yanzhan Yang has provided us with just that and, as a matter of fact, some of the material that he bases his tutorials on comes from the Think Perl6 book. full article on i-programmer

The Open Source Guides To Managing Open Source Software Projects

A set of guides detailing the ins and outs of launching, managing, maintaining and contributing to open source projects has been made available. Although created and curated by GitHub, with input from outside community reviewers, they are not exclusive to GitHub products. The guides have something for every role involved in open source software (OSS), be it a manager, a maintainer or simply a contributor. They also serve as reminder of the effort and amount of work an open source project requires in order to be kickstarted as well as maintained. As we skim through them you'll certainly be left overwhelmed by the extent to which OSS needs help and input. full article on i-programmer

The Perl Master Plan -Fact or Fiction?

Will 'the Chill' Braswell, President of the Austin Perl Mongers but mostly know for his work on the RPerl fork, spearheads the "Perl Master Plan" initiative which aims to reinstate Perl as a prime force in the programming world. As an idea and roadmap it seems good. Its execution is not.  The plan proposes a number of targets that the effort should be directed to - Education, Jobs and Performance amongst others. Introducing the focus on Apps the proposal reads: full article on i-programmer