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Showing posts from March, 2024

Falco On Track To Version 1.0.0

  Falco is a cloud native runtime security tool for the Linux operating system, designed to detect abnormal behavior and warn of potential security threats in real-time. Now it's about to release its first stable version.

Eclipse JKube 1.16 Goes GA

  Eclipse JKube makes deploying your Java application to a Kubernetes cluster a breeze. Let's find out what's new. Eclipse JKube is a library and a collection of plugins used for building container images using Docker, JIB or S2I build strategies. It can also generate Kubernetes and OpenShift resource manifests which can deploy them into a Kubernetes cluster.

Java Version 22 Released

  JDK 22 is not a Long Term Support release, but is one of the regular releases that are scheduled to arrive every six months. Still, it has got a lot to show for itself.

AWS Lambda Upgraded To .NET8 Runtime

  An upgrade of AWS Lambda to the .NET version 8 runtime brings major improvements to the platform. The battle of the Lambda runtimes is going strong as AWS is a hotbed for language runtimes. Here at IProgrammer we've been covering upgrades to the Java, Python and Javascript runtimes.

The University of Tübingen's Self-Driving Cars Course

  The recorded lectures and the written material of a course on Self-Driving Cars at the University of Tübingen have been made available for free. It's a first class opportunity to learn the in and outs of how to develop the software that powers self-driving cars.

AWS Introduces A New JavaScript Runtime For Lambda

  Amazon has announced the availability, albeit for experimental purposes, of a new JavaScript based runtime called Low Latency Runtime or LLRT for short, to bring JavaScript up to the performance throughput of low-level languages like Rust or C++.

Couchbase's Coding Assistant Goes GA

  Capella iQ, the AI coding assistant for developers that makes interacting with Couchbase using natural language possible, has gone from private beta to being generally available.

100 Episodes of 5mins of Postgres

  The popular PostgreSQL explainer series is celebrating its 100th release and beyond. Let's take a look at what it makes it so special. The '5mins of Postgres' series run by PgAnalyze, the platform that analyzes PostgreSQL instances for bottlenecks to offer troubleshooting advice, is very popular amongst PostgreSQL DBA's and developers.