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Hardcore DevOps:Building A Portable Weblogic Client on the CLI

It shouldn't be that difficult to build a standalone Weblogic WS-Security enabled client for invoking JAX Web Services, but the reality is that it is. Let's find out why. What is recurring in the above passages is 'classpath' and the need for the Weblogic Server libraries to be available to it.Thing is I don't want to go through setting up a WebLogic instance just to get  to those libraries, or build a client that depends on the classpath as well as the machine's or host OS's intricacies.Furthermore, any setup would have to be multiplied by 10, the number of machines looking to access the same web service. In any case my Java client should always call into a Weblogic, well, 'client' library in order to consume the necessary functionality.Turns out that choosing the appropriate one is convoluted: Do I need wlfullclient.jar, wlthint3client.jar, wlclient.jar, wljmsclient.jar, wlclient.jar , or maybe wlsafclient.jar ? Also, don't for