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Do not trust the manual?

When deploying the query resource limiting project across a variety of OS's and Ingres's versions a bug(?)/diversity occurred relating to the 'seterr' procedure. In all environments the compilation succeeded but in some there was a linking error : Building runnable image of gryl00010aqep . . . seterr.obj: In function `seterr': seterr.c:(.text+0xe): undefined reference to `iiseterr' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status E_AB0020 Link failed The link failed with status '69891'. This could mean either that the linker could not be run or that it ran and returned an error. E_AI0002 The application image was NOT built. An earlier error prevents the application image from being built. Correct the cause of the earlier error and then run imageapp again. The error occured using the following specifications: Ingres II 9.2.0 (int.lnx/118)NPTL openSUSE 11.0 (i586) Ingres II 9.2.0 (int.lnx/118)NPTL CentOS release 5.2 (Final) Ingres II 2.0/9808 (usl.us5/00)

Ingres client side debugging tools (printqry,printtrace)

Very useful debugging tools in the form of environmental variables that can make the developer's life much easier. They can be set inside the user's profile for persistence or in a shell prompt for temporary operation. The former is more useful to the developer since he can watch the code running behind his forms and the latter for help-desk operation (when a user calls and complains that something went wrong and you can replicate his actions remotely, activate the directives so you can check in what part of the code the problem arose) II_EMBED_SET='printqry'; export II_EMBED_SET produces a file called 'iiprtqry.log' which contains info such as : Query text: define query (yl0201p) is select end_p as end_p, end_par as end _par, end_or as end_or, end_ak as end_ak, end_ekt as end_ekt, d_ekd as d_ekd, c_pr as c_pr from hyl where c_en= $0='Υ04' and last_year= $1=? and last_aa= $2=10 Query Send Time: Fri Oct 10 13:12:05 2008 Query Response Tim

Ingres resource limiting : Part5 (Screenshots/Log table)

Actual screenshots from operation in action : Trapped Form Exception caught (Admittedly scary message for the user!Not exactly what I was taught once upon a time in the HCI class!!) Action cancelled The log table structure : help qep_abf_log Name: qep_abf_log Owner: psnouser Created: 24/06/2008 09:05:56 Type: user table Version: II2.5 Column Information: Column Name Type Length Nulls Defaults Seq application char 10 no no dbuser char 10 no no terminal char 60 no no entrydate date no no querytext char 200 no no errortext char 200 no no An entry in the table (executing an insert into t