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A Deep Dive Into CPU Architecture

  Take a journey into the world of CPU Architecture with the first presentations from Intel's new YouTube series that explains the core concepts in plain language. The expert narrating  "Architecture All Access: Modern CPU Architecture" is Boyd Phelps, someone who over the last 23 years has worked on some of the most well known chip designs in Intel's history; Pentium 4, Nehalem, Broadwell to the hyper-modern Tiger Lake processors. It has two parts, the first  of which is 18 minutes long and talks about what a CPU is, its history, the concept of the computing abstraction layers and the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). full article on

Learn Kotlin in 134 Lessons

  Kotlin For Beginners is a free 9-hours long course covering the basics of Kotlin by Donn Felker and delivered on YouTube. Donn Felker is a pro who has a lot of experience under his belt -Founder of, author (Android Application Development for Dummies, Android Tablet Application Development for Dummies), consultant and co-host of the software developer podcast Fragmented. And, of course, he developed mobile apps such as MyFitnessPal, Groupon and more. This kind of background tells a lot about the course's quality. But let's take a closer look.   full article on

Git Command Explorer

  There's no shortage of ideas when it comes to making one's life easier when tackling Git. That says a lot about both the power and the learning curve of the tool. Here's a new educational tool that demystifies Git commands and their syntax. Last month I discovered "Oh My Git! The Game". a multi-platform interactive game which takes you from being a complete newbie to efficient expert by covering everything you are likely to need. Now I've stumbled across another cool resource,  Git Command Explorer , devised by Shashank Singhal, which makes the following bold claim: Find the right commands you need without digging through the web. Let's see if that statement attests to the truth. full article on

Love It or Hate It, Gradle Reaches Version 7.0

  Gradle is a tool that always stirs arguments among developers. Let's see what version 7 brings and breaks. I first encountered Gradle when developing on Android and my first impression was that it wasn't the most friendly of tools; cryptic syntax, contradictory terms (see compile versus implementation) and peculiar blocks of elements. The Groovy to Kotlin DSL jump is another testament to the tool's Android roots and as the platform evolved so has Gradle. After Android I've used Gradle in the all-Maven world of Spring Boot world and it really felt at odds, making my life miserable at times as I juggled the syntax, the plugins and the dependencies. full article on

A Crash Course on Python By Google

  There's a free new Google course on Coursera for learning to program with Python.No previous exposure to programming required. There are many Python courses out there, but when you get notified that Google is offering one then you just have to take it.   full article on i-programmer

Microsoft Jumps on the OpenJDK Bandwagon

  Microsoft is releasing its own build of Java's OpenJDK, joining the likes of Azul, RedHat and Amazon. Why would Microsoft engage in that when there's so many choices already? One reason is to establish a foothold on Java's market share.The other is that internally it uses Java a lot in its own infrastructure, especially its Azure ecosystem (Azure Spring Cloud, Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes), and for that it needs to have its own uniform and universal build applied to them : full article on i-programmer