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Showing posts from April, 2014

All about Dancer – interview of Sawyer X

After we looked into Catalyst, we continue our exploration of Perl’s land of Web Frameworks, with Dancer.We talk about it to one of the core devs, Sawyer X, who kindly answered our questions in a very detailed and explanatory way, rendering the interview enjoyable and comprehensible even by non techies. The interview, which spans three parts (to be published weekly), did not stop there however; we also asked his opinion and knowledge on finer grained aspects of the craft that is developing for the Web, such as what the advantage of routing over query strings is, MVC vs Routes, Perl vs PHP vs Ruby, and why must die! Full interview on Josettorama

C# Guru - An Interview With Eric Lippert

Eric Lippert's name is synonymous with C#. Having been Principal Developer at Microsoft on the C# compiler team and a member of the C# language design team he now works on C# analysis at Coverity. If you know C# then the name Eric Lippert will be synonymous with clear explanations of difficult ideas and insights into the way languages work and are put together. However this didn't stop our interviewer Nikos Vaggalis (NV) from ranging over topics as diverse as the future of C#, asynchronous v parallel, Visual Basic and more.  Read on because you are sure to find something to interest you about C#, languages in general or just where things are headed. Full interview at i-programmer