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The Insider's Guide to the Java Web Developer Nanodegree - 3

  In our ongoing in-depth coverage of the upskilling program that will enhance your career prospects as a Java web developer, we move onto the third lecture in the series, "Web Services and APIs" . But before doing that, a few words about last chapter's final project "SuperDuperDrive", a personal storage app that allows users to store files, personal notes, and website credentials for a new company in the cloud storage business. As with every Nanodegree project, this one was challenging and offered a great opportunity to sharpen the skills gained. From the students' part it required a lot of research, that is a lot of googling around and reading the official documentation. I've even used things not covered in the class like RequestParams, Redirection, RedirectView, RedirectAttributes and Forwarding, which I nicely blended with my Controllers. full article on i-programmer

Showcase Your Code With Grasshopper's Gallery

  Google's intuitive learn-to code-platform, Grasshopper has added a Gallery feature, the idea of which is to promote sharing of  projects and to showcase your code.   Grasshopper, named to honor Grace Hopper, is already a familiar friend of the I Programmer team. Back in 2018, we witnessed its early beginnings when it went public having been an internal tool at Google, see  Grasshopper - An Area 120 App To Teach Coding " The initial release was for Android and IOs and, of course, coding on a mobile device is not the most intuitive thing to do. Thus in 2019 a version for the desktop was released, which we described in  Grasshopper Now On the Desktop  - although rather than installing software , "desktop" means that it runs inside the browser. full article on i-programmer

The Insider's Guide to the Java Web Developer Nanodegree - part2

  I Programmer team member Nikos Vaggalis enrolled in the inaugural sessions of Udacity's new Java Web Developer Nanodegree program and is charting his progress through this adventure of coding and learning. This second installment is on   Spring Boot Basics. . Having already gained one Udacity Nanodegree, an experience I documented in my 7-part  Insider's Guide To Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree , I signed up to the new  Java Web Developer Nanodegree  with a fairly good idea of what to expect. The idea of this series is to share what it's really like and in this installment I look at the course content for Chapter 2, Spring Boot Basics, which students tackle straight after the introductory material in the first month of this four-month program. I’m going into quite a lot of detail so that you can appreciate the depth that this program achieves. full article on i-programmer

js1024 - How Much Awesomeness Can You Pack In Just 1K?

js1024 is the continuation of the legendary js1k JavaScript golfing competition which ended last year and like its predecessor is planned to be an annual contest. The winners of the first one  have just been announced.  js1024 is a competition falling in the realm of the Demoscene where you create little games or audio-visual demonstrations using as few resources as possible. One notable example is js13kGames, which we  covered  back in 2017, where you have to write a full game within a 13K limit. In js1024 the requirements are even more restricted - your code's size should come up to a maximum of 1024 bytes! Really, what can you do with that amount of space? full article on i-programmer