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Yet Another (ASP.NET MVC) Web Framework

YetaWF is a brand new open source product licensed under GPL 3 that  assumes multiple personalities as a web framework, a CMS and an Admin panel. Primarily, at its core it is a framework for building ASP.NET MVC applications. For this role it includes all the relevant goodies, like the  System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace, which allows for decorating the data model's class members with attributes that specify validation or display rules on them; the UIHint attribute, which allows for rendering properties under custom display templates; and  Templated Helpers for building the UI based on the annotated model. Secondly, it has been built with modularity in mind and offers out of the box predefined packages comprising many useful utility modules, such as  RSA Cryptography for creating public/private keys, a ZIP file creator based on the DotNetZip library, an email sender, YetaWF.Core.SendEmail , and many more. Extensibility is guaranteed by plugging in fur

Artificial Intelligence in Pokémons' Service

Even AI cannot escape Pokémons Go's viral craze after Human Intelligence readily submitted.That's all due to a bright idea of combining IBM's Watson AI with the gameplay of Pokémon Go. Michael Hsu, a researcher looking to apply AI to novel uses as part of the AT&T Shape Tech Expo Hackathon , managed to put Watson's intelligence to work in recognizing, tracking and sharing rare Pokémons' locations amongst users around the world. Surely, tracking and sharing Pokémon locations is not something earth-shattering as there are plenty of apps like  PokeMapper that employ crowd-sourcing approaches for filling in the spots. However, that's a manual and time consuming approach that could very well be automated. Hsu's application makes the difference in that it works behind the scenes, and without human intervention, by consuming intermittent screenshots taken from within the Pokémon Go app, building on Pokémon Go's functionality, that in

AI Linux

AI Linux is a Linux distribution that comes complete with artificial intelligence libraries, tool and languages.  A proof of concept alpha version is now available, suitable for test-driving in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox. The cloud still monopolizes the space where neural networks and their algorithms breed. We have already explored such a case in Haven OnDemand Offers Machine Learning As A Service. Things seem to be shifting though, with those elaborate algorithms looking to move on to run locally on mobile devices. That includes their training too; the pictures, notes, data and metadata that reside in the device and which are going to be worked upon, will also serve to train the network and aid its learning activities such as the recognizing, ranking and classifying of objects. The difference is that now all of that is going to happen locally. full article on i-programmer