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Google Jetpack Compose UI Toolkit Now In Beta

  Google has launched a beta version of Jetpack Compose, a new UI toolkit that is designed to make it faster and easier to build native Android apps. The developers say that Compose offers modern, declarative Kotlin APIs, that can be used to build  "beautiful, responsive apps with way less code ". full article on i-programmer

New To Perl? What Do You Need? The Results

  The results and analysis of a recent survey into what help and guidance Perl beginners would find useful revealed that learning Perl can be a lifelong challenge and that more step-by-step tutorial might well help. As we  reported in January , developers who use Perl were invited to take a survey to provide feedback on what help and guidance they would find useful. The survey was prepared by Andrew Solomon, founder of Geekuni which provides online Perl Training, and was sponsored by The Perl Foundation. full article on i-programmer

Mojolicious 9.0 Released

  There's a new major version of Perl's realtime web framework, Mojolicious. Codenamed "Waffle, Mojolicious 9.0 comes with improvements but also with breaking changes.  First of all since version 8.50 Mojolicious requires Perl 5.16 which allowed the framework to adopt more advanced functionality. Breaking change it might be but still when you consider that Perl's latest version is 5.32.1 it's not that major. The outlook however is to move to Perl 5.20 in the near future. full article on

Design Patterns Explained with Food In C#

  This modern approach to the legendary GOF Design Patterns book from Wes Doyle is a set of YouTube videos using the C# language with a novel, culinary, twist. The Gang of Four Design patterns book first published in 1994 might be still relevant as far as the core concepts are concerned, but the examples and languages used in the book, Smaltalk/C++ and GUI applications are nevertheless somewhat dated.  full article on

The Course of Raku

  Thanks to a grant from the Perl Foundation, Andrew Shitov is creating  A Complete Course of the Raku programming language,  the start of which is now available.  It could had been finished earlier but due to Andrew Shitov, the maker, organizing the PerlCon conference in Rīga, it was postponed for a later date. Fortunately that day has come delivering the first part of the course   comprising 91 topics, 73 quizzes and 65 exercises. Judging from that volume, the final cut is going to be massive! full article on

Microsoft's SQL Workshops

  Curated content about SQL Server, Azure SQL and more used internally in Microsoft's instructor-led classes has been made freely available to the rest of us. Visit the  sqlworkshops portal  and you'll find learning content on:   SQL Server Data Platform Azure SQL Programming with Python and R Machine Learning and AI full article on i-programmer

YouTube Courses On C++, Python and Blazor

  Here are three excellent online classes, all on YouTube, for learning a variety of programming languages - C++, Python and C# with Blazor! First stop is the "C++ Programming SS20" course that ran in the summer of 2020 and was taught by Philipp Schubert at Paderborn University.This is a strong course that is taught many years at the University but now "thanks" to Covid it was recorded and was made available on YouTube for free. full article on i-programmer

Upgrading to a newer Ingres version breaks SQL query

The following query (ignore most fields,just pay attention to d1.last_aa )   Q1   select d1.last_aa,           m.c_ylikoy as c_ylikoy,           n_ylikoy = m.n_ylikoy,           c_typ_ylik=tf.c_typ_ylik,           n_typ_ylik = tf.n_typ_ylik,           tm_mesh=m.tm_mesh,           pt_fpa=m.pt_fpa,           pt_fpa_last= d1.pt_fpa,           end_eis_ex = d.end_eis_ex,           ps_diaqesh = sum(d.ps_diaqesh),                    tm_monadas = avg(d.tm_monadas),           c_mon_metr = m.c_mon_metr,           c_typ_gmdn = m.c_typ_gmdn,           c_loga = m.c_loga,           c_cpv = c.c_cpv,           n_cpv = c.n_cpv,           c_prom = h1.c_prom,           c_loga_dls = ss.c_loga_dls,           tm_mm_last = max(decimal (d1.timh_symb /s.periektiko, 16, 4)),           tm_mm_fpa_last = max(( d1.timh_symb /s.periektiko) * (100.0 +d1.pt_fpa) / 100)        from hi_denyl d  inner join hi_henyl h on             d.c_entyp = h.c_entyp and             d.last_year = h.last_year and             d.las

Learn Network Automation With CISCO For Free

  We take a look at five Learning Labs to get you started with network automation from Cisco Devnet. Python and the REST API are among the topics covered and all the content is free   This online learning is hosted on the Cisco Devnet educational platform, which offers practical learning opportunities in bite-sized labs. It has many subjects, but this post focuses on the 5-class learning path for aquiring network automation skills. full article on i-programmer