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Stride3D - Life beyond Unity?

  Stride is an opensource C# game engine for realistic rendering and VR. With the recent Unity turmoil can it become a valuable replacement? Let's find out. Stride3D, as said, is open source and at the same time highly modular. It also comes with its own editor that allows you to create and manage the content of your games or applications visually. Of course, it is programmable under C#. full article on i-programmer:

VSCode Can Do More Than You Imagine

  Did you know about a list of videos that clearly depict tips and tricks that VSCode is able to do that nobody ever bothered to tell you about? Well if you didn't, you do now... The battle of the IDEs is well known and till recently the choice in programming language would also direct the choice in the IDE to do development too. But with the advent of the Language Server Protocol, which separates the language from the editor, the lines have been blurred because any IDE can nowdays support any given language. full article on i-programmer:

Spring Data JDBC For SQLite

  spring-data-sqlite is a library that brings support to Spring Data JDBC for SQLite so that you can use Jdbctemplate to access your SQLite based datasets or use SQLite as a potential drop-in replacement for H2. Spring doesn’t provide a straightforward way to integrate a SQLite database compared to other databases such as MySQL, Postgres or MongoDB. You have to jump some hoops like making and registering your own SQLDialect component. full article on i-programmer:

Git-Sim - Use Git Fearlessly

  Git-Sim enables you to visually simulate future Git operations in your own repos. Let's see why this is useful. Mastering Git is more an art than a skill. Its vastness in switches, options and features render its comprehension a difficult proposition. Thus, many beginners and not just beginners, find it hard to let their valuable code be handled by this version control system.  full article on i-programmer:

Ronin 2.0 – Open Source Ruby Toolkit For Security

  Considered as a simpler and more modular version of Metasploit, version 2 of Ronin has been finally released after nearly a full year of non-stop development. So why Ronin? full article on i-programmer:

Learn To Build ML Algorithms From Scratch With Python

  A free course about implementing the most popular machine learning algorithms using only pure Python and Numpy. First of all why you would want to learn to implement those algorithms than let a library like Pytorch handle them for you? While a library hides the implementation details, if you're really looking to understand how things work you have to go behind the covers. That is true especial useful if you are into Data Science. As such the algorithms that are going to be implemented in the course are : full article on i-programmer:

Initial Developer Preview of Android 14

  This first preview in the release cycle is asking for feedback from the Android community which in turn might initiate multiple iterations within the timeframe allocated. Let's find out what Android 14 has in store. Android 14 is a release that cumulatively heralds enhancements to performance, privacy, security, and user customization by adding new features, APIs, and making changes to the behavior of the system. full article on i-programmer:

jbom - Dependency Analysis For Java Apps

  jbom, an open source project hosted by the Eclipse Foundation generates SBOMs from any Java project. Why is that useful? Supply chain security is all the rage right now. We've taken a look at the implications as well as the ways of mitigation according the Linux Foundation's answer to supply chain attacks: To build useful software we don't reinvent the wheel but we base on work already done coming bundled in the form of libraries. The problem is that even a mediocre open source project can have loads of such dependencies which themselves depend on others , forming a lengthy chain. Not a problem per se unless malicious code or security vulnerability finds its way anywhere in this chain. full article on i-programmer: