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NativeScript - to rule them all?

NativeScript 2.0 was recently released with tighter integratin for Angular2, extended support for 3rd-party native libraries for iOS and Android, and support, via plug-ins for TypeScript and UWP. A webinar tomorrow from John Papa will show you how to use Angular and NativeScript to build native mobile apps. Cross platform mobile applications are the holly grail of every developer. Many have tried to conquer it, some have failed, some had successes, albeit mediocre ones. Each solution replenished the other solutions' shortcomings, still no-one being 100% percent at the target. There were many paths to follow, the end result of that, a heavily fragmented landscape of mobile cross platform development. full article on i-programmer

Easy plotting With Chart.js

Chart.js 2 has been released with new chart types and improved extensibility. Ease of use is one of this open source library's key features and here we look at how it compares with d3.js at creating a  simple bar chart. The JavaScript library Chart.js is an open source project created by Nick Downie in 2013. Now the project has moved from Nick's original GitHub repository to one of its own: , where is is currently very active. After a dynamic start and penetration of the JavaScript visualization scene, it looked as though the Chart.js project reached a stalemate, judging from low traffic or better said, lack of commits in its GitHub repository. full article on

Exposing The Most Frequent Mistakes In Programming

The Blackbox project is a massive data collection initiative by the University of Kent, that sifts through millions of source code compilations looking to identify the most frequent mistakes made by student programmers. Why is that useful? Understanding how students learn to program through their common misconceptions and their recurring mistakes is important for many reasons: Produce educational material focused on these issues Render educators more efficient Build IDE's or programming tools that protect against those errors Improve the readability and the helpfulness of the errors emitted by compilers Language design - improve the future syntax and design of a language by taking into consideration the syntax barriers students typically encounter full article on

Free Code Camp - Not Just A Bootcamp

Free Code Camp is an open source community that helps you learn how to code by working though self-paced coding challenges and building projects. It offers verified certificates, is completely free and you can help non-profits as you learn. It is also highly popular on GitHub. This coders' bootcamp is currently trending according to GitHub's  "Trending in open source" chart  , a chart amended on a daily basis to reflect  what the GitHub community is most excited about. Currently FreeCodeCamp lies in spot number 3, an impressive feat given the abundant competition of open source projects in Github's realm. FreeCodeCamp has two system components: the backend codebase that is open sourced through GitHub, under the permissive BSD3, and its frontend utilization of the actual e-learning platform, complete with its own curriculum, at . You might jump to the conclusion that the no 3 spot is due to the popularity of the codebase, and not t