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How To Create A Viral Mobile Game - interview with Eugeny Butakov of Psebay

Don't we all dream of a hit game? The reality is all too often different, but it can be done. Here we find out how from Eugeny Butakov, creator of the successful mobile game, Psebay. This interview takes an in depth look at the mobile gaming scene and examines a range of aspects of game development from the tools used to issues such as monetization, distribution and piracy. We wanted the perspective of the developer, who as lone individual started from scratch, but managed to create a game that went viral.That individual is Eugeny Butakov from Russia with his trials motorcycle riding game, Psebay . full article on i-programmer

nginx A Practical Guide to High Performance - book review

nginx has taken the Internet by storm, gaining fast in popularity, powering up some of the most high traffic websites in the world and directly challenging Apache for its title of the most popular Web Server out there Despite the truthfulness of that statement, nginx's main purpose is not to act as a Web server replacement, since in many cases it co-exists and cooperates with Apache under the very same installation Subtitled "A Practical Guide to High Performance"  this book slices through that hype and instead looks into nginx's substance, helping to understand its application, functionality and ease of scaling up.Its author, Twitpic cofounder Steve Corona, swears by its versatility, having managed handling up-to 10,000 Twitpic requests per second with nginx. full article on i-programmer

RPerl - Running Perl 5 Faster

Version 1.7 of the Perl 5 to C/C++ optimizing compiler, codenamed Tycho was released earlier this month. The issue RPerl tries to address is Perl's slow performance, sufficient for most cases, but prohibitive for the real time domain. Perl trades speed for flexibility as it takes care of many things so the programmer won't have to, such as tying hashes (a term that refers to an intricate internal functionality) reference counting, automatic type conversions, closures, autoloading and much more. full article on i-programmer 

Play by Play: C# Q&A with Scott Allen and Jon Skeet

Play by Play is Pluralsight format in which celebrity programmers are asked to work on a randomly assigned task, giving the audience a rare opportunity to observe how they work and the way they think towards reaching a solution. This one features Jon Skeet and Scott Allen. For this already well established series of courses, the producers envision the attendee as filling a chair next to their programmer heroes, like colleagues do, watching them perform their magic unrehearsed and at natural speed, thus enjoying an informal view into the work-flow and work process of an expert. In this recent addition, Rob Conery, co-founder of Tekpub, brought together Jon Skeet, author of the C# in Depth series, and Scott Allen, author or co-author of several books on Microsoft technologies. In something of a departure from the usual task-oriented format this session, lasting 1hr 15 minutes, is a Q&A on .NET, and C# in particular. full artilce on i-programmer

Artificial Intelligence For Better Or Worse?

Advancement in the field of Artificial intelligence is like a tsunami that cannot be stopped. There is a new conquest everyday that, piece by piece completes the puzzle. But what happens when the puzzle is finally assembled? Will the world transcend into a new state of consciousness or will it come face to face with its own demise? It's not easy to tell, but there are hints and indications from both directions. Nowadays we are increasingly accustomed to the idea of the rise of intelligent machines. full article on

Machine Learning Lab's Regular Expression Game

Machine Learning Lab has created a game that puts your regular expression skills to the test. We first met  Machine Learning Lab in  Automatically Generating Regular Expressions with Genetic Programming , when we used its RegexGenerator++. Now we are back to explore how to have fun with it. The game comprises of 12 levels of increasing difficulty, with each level containing a different block of text, which in turn contains the parts of the text that must be matched against a regular expression - which has to supplied by the user. Each attempt is timed and rated in a  'F-measure' scale that measures how close the extractions and the matches were, with 100 points being awarded for the perfect result, 0 for a totally wrong one or for giving up.  Before the game begins you complete a simple questionnaire where you have to tick the boxes adjacent to the regular expression constructs you are familiar with. full article on