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SQL Snippets - Crowdsourcing SQL Queries

  A curated collection of helpful and reusable SQL snippets sounds like a really good resource to know about and to contribute to. In  SQLBolt - Learn SQL The Interactive Way  I highlighted an interactive resource for learning the basics of SQL. Now I've found a way for you to store and share your own snippets of SQL code and find useful code to use without re-inventing it.   As you work with SQL day by day you'll accumulate a hefty amount of SQL code.  when just maybe you've written a state of the art query that you are eager to share with your colleagues or the rest of the world.That raises two questions:where do you store that snippet for clean and easy retrieval and afterwards how do you share it with the world? full article on

Microsoft's Machine Learning for Beginners

  A free, self-paced online course about Machine Learning is on offer from Microsoft's Azure Cloud Advocates. Its 24-lesson curriculum, expected to take 12-weeks to complete is targeted at those new to Machine Learning. There are plenty of advantages in attending  Machine Learning for Beginners . First you learn about the, currently trending, concepts of ML, acquiring skills highly sought after by employees. On top of that you learn them in conjunction with Python, the most popular and versatile language, also highly sought after. full article on  

HackerSploit Docker Security Essentials

  Docker has certainly become one of the most important parts of business infrastructure. Equally important is the question on how to secure it.This HackerSploit course, made in cooperation with Linode, has the answer. The HackerSploit: Docker Security Series aims to provide developers, system administrators and DevOps engineers the necessary skills to be able to audit, secure and manage Docker in the context of an organization or in their own personal projects.   full article on i-programmer

Jetpack Compose Multiplatform Alpha Released

  Jetpack Compose Multiplatform, an extension to the Jetpack Compose UI framework from JetBrains, now in Alpha, makes it possible to build Android, Desktop, and Web UIs with the same artifacts from a single codebase. But's let take things from the beginning. It all started with Jetpack Compose UI for Android, then moved on to Compose Desktop and finally Compose web.I've made an effort to put things into perspective with " Jetpack Compose For Web - Putting Order To Chaos ".The common denominator was and is to enable UI code sharing between desktop, Android and Web applications. full article on

SQLBolt - Learn SQL The Interactive Way

  As the world becomes more data-driven, SQL is increasingly moving from a "nice to have" skill to a first class requirement for disciplines like Data Science, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. Here's a free resource for learning SQL right in your browser. With the fight between Python and Java on which will rank top of the TIOBE index, it is easy to forget that are other contenders filling the top 10. And one of those is SQL, moving up into 10th place this July, as reported in " Python Trending To Top Spot In TIOBE Index ". full article on

Program Deep Learning on the GPU with Triton

  Triton is a new, Python-like, language from OpenAI intended to ease programming for the GPU by providing an alternative to CUDA. NVIDIA's CUDA toolkit provides a development environment for speeding up computing applications by harnessing the power of GPUs, but it requires the code to be written code in C++. As C++ by default is not user-friendly and difficult to master,these properties subsequently rub off on the toolkit itself. Wouldn't it be easier to use a language that is user-friendly to write your GPU-accelerated deep learning applications in? Wish granted by Open AI which has announced: full article on