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Architecture Issues For eHealth Interoperability - epSOS

What architecture do you need to establish the flow of patient medical data, stored in different ways and languages, across country boundaries? The solution involves a common intermediate structure and open sourced components to make implementation by many different countries easier. epSOS – European Patients Smart Open Services – is the main European electronic Health (eHealth) interoperability project co-funded by the European Commission and 47 beneficiaries. It focuses on improving medical treatment of citizens while abroad by providing health professionals with the necessary patient data   Full article on i-programmer

Mastering Perl 2nd ed Book review

This is a book for experienced Perl programmers, who should at least have read the other two books of the trilogy, Learning Perl and Intermediate Perl. Even if you do belong to that category, you will probably find this book requires some effort. Apart from demonstrating some coding techniques, this book is not about coding applications but rather about describing the infrastructure necessarily for building faster, better, maintainable programs. Review on i-programmer