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Dolt- A Version Controlled Database

  A database that you can fork and clone, branch and merge, push and pull just like a git Repository. What is the use case for it? First of all Dolt , written in Go, might not be a fork of Mysql, but it acts a drop-in replacement, adhering to the Mysql protocol, but with versioning on top.

TinyBase And The Local First Movement

  TinyBase is a Javascript library that enables you to create an in-browser, local-first, reactive data store. Too much terminology in one sentence - let's dissect it. With Tinybase you can store structured tabular data locally on your device. If you want a hyped headline it would  "in-memory reactive tabular data store" . What's the deal with that kind of Store?

Is The German State In Love With OSS?

  Yet another Open Source Software initiative taken by the German state, this time launching openDesk, "the sovereign workplace". This is the next step in the federal government's love affair with open source. Previously we had examined another one in "The German Government's Sovereign Tech Fund For OSS", a case where the government aims to strengthen the important role Open Source Software plays in modern society.

It's 2024. Why Does PostgreSQL Still Dominate?

  PostgreSQL has recently claimed the DB-Engines DBMS of the Year for 2023 award. Another confirmation of PostgreSQL's worth. Despite its age PostgreSQL isn't declining in popularity. On the contrary it always in front, as DB-Engines's official announcement confirms: