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Showing posts from August, 2023

The DevOps with Docker Course From Finland

  A course by Jami Kousa of University of Helsinki teaches Docker from zero to hero. It's free and self-paced and contains a lot of material you need to work through from start to finish.

Learn To Document Your API Correctly

  "API Documentation Best Practices" is a brand new short and free course by APISEC University which looks into why documenting your APIs should be an essential part of your software development cycle and not an afterthought.

Access LLMs From Java code With Semantic Kernel

  You can now do this thanks to Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK which integrates Large Language Models (LLMs) with conventional programming languages like C# and Python. The Java binding has recently been released too.

Learn To Chat with Your Data For Free

  "LangChain: Chat with Your Data" is a brand new free and short course by Harrison Chase, CEO of Langchain himself, to learn how to use LLMs to converse with your own data. With around an hour of content, it is hosted on Andrew Ng's Deeplearning AI platform.

Python Web Conference 2023 Sessions Now Online

  The talks presented at the 5th annual Python Web Conference are now available on YouTube. Topics ranged from AI/ML and Big Data to CI/CD, Serverless and more. Python Web Conference is one of the newest Python programming conferences. Year 2023 marked the 5th conference in the series, this time being hosted on "LoudSwarm", a virtual event platform by Six Feet Up.

You Can Now Code Websites With SQL

  SQLPage is a fun and innovative open source project that lets you do the presentation layer in plain SQL. With SQLPage your SQL skills reach beyond manipulating the Data layer of your application; you can now do HTML too without needing to know any of the traditional web programming languages and concepts. The difference is that your SQL includes and refers to UI components as columns.