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Perl by Example (5th Ed) book review

The 5thEdition of a classic I'd never read. How does it match up to the well known Llama book for Perl beginners? I was surprised to find out that the Perl by Example book series covers a span almost as long at the classic “Llama book” published by O'Reilly, Learning Perl by Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy and Tom Phoenix (see my article In Praise of Perl and the Llama ). The first edition of Perl By Example’s first edition appeared in 1994 while Learning Perl had originally been published the previous year. Not having ever read any edition of Ellie Quigley's book, and feeling that it has been left in the shadows of the O’Reilly series, although praised by its readers for its abundant examples, I was eager to discover its worth for myself. Full review on i-programmer

SQL Workshop - Removing Duplicate Rows

Let’s say that we have a heap table without keys, solely used for dumping raw data into. That data at some point is filtered and cleaned up for further use. As time passes and data accumulates, duplicate rows creep in causing all sorts of issues. So, using SQL, how do we remove the duplicates but keep the one row necessary? Read it on i-programmer