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Continuous Delivery: Learn The Fundamentals

  A free short course on the concepts behind CD (Continuous Delivery). It is presented by Dave Farley. a software developer who has done pioneering work in DevOps, CD, CI, BDD, TDD and Modern Software Engineering.

The DbDev Package Manager For PostgreSQL TLEs

  TLE stands for Trusted Language Extension and DbDev by SupaBase now supports installing them in your PostgreSQL instance, like NPM does for Javascript packages. We've looked at TLEs before  in  Trusted Language Extensions Bring PostgreSQL Procedural UDFs To The Cloud   where I explained: PostgreSQL allows user defined functions to be written in other languages besides SQL and C. These other languages are generically called procedural languages (PLs). Procedural languages aren't built into the PostgreSQL server; they are offered by loadable modules. That way you can extend your database with powerful features not found in SQL. For instance you can write a PL/Perl procedure to accept a string from your SQL to apply regular expressions to it in order to tokenize it.

The Hugging Face NLP Course

  A free, self-paced and comprehensive course that will take you from beginner to expert in the topic of Natural Language Processing comes from Hugging Face, a data science platform with a community of data scientists, researchers, and ML engineers who contribute to open source projects.

Follow Google's Generative AI Learning Path

  Google has released a learning path for Generative AI. It's free and self paced and will introduce you to what Generative AI is, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods. Generative AI is all around us. It’s a type of AI that can map long-range dependencies and patterns in large training sets, then use what it learns to produce new content, including text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data.

Open 3D Engine-Next Gen Game Development

  Open 3D Engine, or O3DE for short, is a state of the art open source game dev engine. Its Foundation, O3DF in cooperation with the Rochester Institute of Technology, announced the funding of a team of students who will build a commercial game with 03DE, in an attempt to shape the game development landscape of the future.

Azul Zulu OpenJDK 17 Build Now Comes With CRaC

  CRaC is a novel technique that makes the JVM faster to start. Azul's JDK build has just added support for it. Here are the details. The JVM is notorious for its hefty requirements in startup and warmup times. The main reason for the slow startup is that it takes much time to load, link, and initialize classes. Of course we are talking micro-seconds here but the delay can make a difference when trying to spin VMs on the Cloud and run Microservices. There are ideas for speeding things up and CRaC is one of them.

Stable Diffusion Animation SDK For Python

  Stability AI has released its Stable Animation SDK, a toolkit designed for artists and developers to implement the Stability models in generating their animations. In general, the SDK allows users to generate animations from text, images, or video combined with text. More specifically, the SDK offers three ways to create animations:

Take Vanderbilt's Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT For Free

  Prompt Engineering is the latest topic that is proliferating online classes, with providers eager to join in, catch up with and go further than each other. Here is a new offering from a pedigree source. ChatGPT has been heralded as a tool that can work like a programmer, like a health professional, all the way to like a therapist. The quality of the answers and guidance you receive by interacting with the bot varies depending on the quality of the questions you feed it with.

Oracle Database 23c Free For Developers. How Free?

  Until now getting hold of a free Oracle database was a struggle - requiring account registration, negotiating pages full of legalese and safeguarded downloading bays. Does this "Free For Developers" product change that, or is it a rebranding of Oracle XE to make its use case clearer.

Grasshopper For API Load Testing With Python

  Grasshopper is a great library for automated load testing. It is made with Python and is open source. Grasshopper was started as a fork of Locust, another load testing library, in order to extend the former with extra capabilities deemed necessary for  Alteryx's  operations. Mainly to measure timings that span multiple HTTP requests and aggregate metrics for a or report those metrics to a time-series database.

The Interactive Map Of Github

  The Map Of Github lays out Github as a Graph. This gives rise to a few interesting and valuable properties. Let's discover them. The maker, Andrei Kashcha, has refined the Graph at different levels. At the first level he filtered the repos out according to the number of stars each repo is has accumulated.