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Perl's text handling to the rescue....

There was a very interesting proble set forward at the Ingres forum, quoting : "I have to use an Ingres Database to store my data which is in several languages (like french, german, and so on). In my web site, the user can use the function "search". The problem are the special characters like éàèâ in french, or öäü in german. The user doesn't enter these characters, but it should be found anyway. For example:   In the database is the word "château". The user types "chateau" (whithout â) The program should find the "château", even if "chateau" was typed. So all accents in the database should be replaced by something more useful (like "_")  Has someone an idea how to do that? Ingres database version : 9.2.1    Thanks a lot, Kakmael"  and this is my attempt to tackle it,using Perl,of course Ok you so you get the latin1 encoded string "Chateu" from your web form and you pa