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Redocly CLI - The Super Tool For API Management

  Redocly is an open source tool written in Typescript that assists in managing your APIs effectively. What can it do?
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Learn Perl With FreeCodeCamp

  I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that a Perl course has been published on FreeCodeCamp. Amongst the myriad of Javascript and Python courses, there it is, a lone star.

Introducing The LiveCodes Code Playground

  LiveCodes is a groundbreaking code playground with unique features. And it is free too. Currently in Beta. Let's look into it. What? Yet another playground? I thought we had a lot already. But LiveCodes deviates from the standard shape of the usual playgrounds. What are its unique features?

AWS Lambda Adopts Python 3.11

  Recently AWS Lamda switched from Python runtime 3.10 to 3.11, promising a lot of improvement. In which parts? Back in May we had a look at Amazon's adoption of the Python 3.10 runtime intened to take advantage of the performance improvements that version introduced, in both managed runtimes and container images. Python 3.10 enabled the use of the following enhancements when building lambda functions:

Azul To Tackle Java's Warm Up Issues

  Azul's ReadyNow is yet another attempt to tackle Java's warm up issues, on the cloud and large fleets of JVMs or JVMs in containerized environments. Lately a lot of investment has been put into making Java faster to start. This has to do that with Java re-emerging as a major player in the sector of Microservices and Cloud Native applications, due to some great and new language features, optimized JDKs along with frequent release rates;therefore performance should follow along.