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Ethics of AI-A Course From Finland

Α free online text-based course by the University of Helsinki for anyone who is interested in the ethical aspects of AI. The University of Helsinki has already a track record for its Elements of AI course which launched in 2018 as we reported in Free AI Course from Finland. Initally it offered Introduction to AI as a free online MOOC, provided in English and intended to  accessible to a very wide audience. Later a second course, Building AI, was added and according to its website 730,000 people of enrolled. Since many aspects of our society involve or are going to involve AΙ in the near future, the subject of AI Ethics is more relevant than ever and this new course is therefore a welcome counterpart. As we examined in "How Will AI Transform Life By 2030? Initial Report" there are several societal sectors which are going to be affected by AI: full article on
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simdjson-A Lightening Fast JSON Parser Library

simdjson is a C++ library that can parse JSON documents very fast. Version 1. 0 has been just released. How does it compare? Does parsing 3 gigabytes of JSON per second sound fast enough? This library achieves it. In last year's benchmark against the fastest standard compliant C++ JSON parsers, RapidJSON and sajson, smidjson by far outperformed them. It can parse 4x faster than RapidJSON and 25x faster than Modern C++. full article on

DataStax Extends Stargate with GraphQL

DataStax, mostly known for AstraDB the multi-cloud database based on Apache Cassandra, has announced the addition of new capabilities to its Stargate Gateway product. Stargate is a data gateway deployed between client applications and databases. Its novelty lies in that it exposes the database layer as a multitude of APIs, that way offering flexibility to the way you expose your data. Needless to say, that's a big boon for developers. full article on :

PostgreSQL 14 Is Here - A Look At Its Past And Future

  The latest release of PostgreSQL has new and exciting features. We look the most worthwhile of them identified by Umair Shahid, Head of PostgreSQL at Percona while referring to the past ideas that shaped their foundation. Who would have thought back then in the 80's that the humble  Ingres  fork would,  according to the  Genealogy of Relational Databases , become one of the most, if not the most, successful DBMS of all time? There are two reasons behind its success;   full article on

Unicode Version 14 Announced [It's not just about Emojis...]

 The venerable Unicode standard gets an update. We report the news and go behind the scenes with a brief look at the standard's philosophy and practical use. Most people stop thinking about Unicode at the introduction of new Emoji characters. However, the main purpose of the Unicode standard isn't just sharing expressive characters to be used on mobile apps just for fun; it also facilitates communication in every humanly readable language as well as supporting science and research with its scientific symbols and ancient language s cripts. full article on

Dissecting the 2021 Jakarta EE Developer Survey

  This survey comes from the Eclipse Foundation and provides technical insights into enterprise Java that give answers to questions like which Java based framework is on the rise, whether Java is used for Cloud native development and much more.   Jakarta EE provides a way to modernize infrastructure and reuse the developer pool of the aging(?) Enterprise Java developers in a new setting. We saw something like that in   Vaadin Reaches Version 21 , about the Vaadin framework which supports using the Java stack for writing both the back and front ends of Web applications, without having to learn Javascript or another client framework like Vue or Angular. This is an obvious advantage for those working with long-established code which albeit reliable, is that agile compared to lighter and more modern software development shops. full article on

Keep Track Of Java Features with JEP Search

  Here we have a very practical resource for sorting, searching and filtering Java JEPs. But before we get to the details, what exactly is a JEP and why should we care?   full article on