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WasmCon 2023 Sessions Now Online

  The recorded session of the premier conference for technical developers and users interested in exploring the potential of WebAssembly are now online.
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SnapCode: A Java IDE for the Web

  Thanks to CheerpJ and WebAssembly you can now run a Java IDE inside your browser and local first.This is SnapCode, and while lightweight and in-browser, is to be not underestimated.

Oracle SQL Developer for VS Code

  Oracle has recently introduced some goodies for developers working with VS Code. This is an extension that integrates the venerable SQL Developer within VS Code.

pgxman - PostgreSQL Extension Manager

  pgxman is a package manager like npm, but instead of Javascript packages, it is for PostgreSQL extensions. It detects and streamlines extension operations and looks after dependency management, installation and uninstallation, based on the local development environment.

Stanchion Turns SQLite Into A Column Store

  Stanchion is an open-source extension that adds columnar storage capabilities to SQLite, rendering it efficient for analytical reporting. Postgres is often praised for its extensibility, but we tend to forget that others, such as SQLlite, are extensible too.