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Sharpen Your Hacking Skills With CTFLearn

CTFlearn began as a simple project by the members of a local school's CTF club in order to have a playground for testing their skills. V2 of the site is currently undergoing a beta, but is available to the public. Let's find out what this revamped version has to offer. While CTFlearn might have started as a little local project, it wasn't long, due to a high level of interest, before it started to overrun its local boundaries to appeal to a much greater audience. The simple and easily navigable layout has certainly played a role in the site's popularity. full article on 

Sorbet - Making Ruby Statically Typed

Stripe's Sorbet type checker aims to achieve what Typescript has done for JavaScript; inject static typing to a dynamical language. But let's start with the basics; what's so wrong with dynamically typed systems that statically type ones, full or partial, are so desirable. Back in early 2010, I Programmer ran my in-depth article series,  Type System Demystified  ( Part 1 ,  Part 2 ,  Part 3 ) on the big face-off between types systems (static vs dynamic, strong vs weak), detailing both their hindrances as well as their merits. While things have moved on .. full article on

Perl 5.28 Released

Perl 5.28 doesn't introduce radical changes, but mainly focuses on optimizations, performance improvements, security fixes, cleanups, module upgrades and removals. We've combined this version's delta document with SawyerX's talk at TPC2018 in Salt Lake City to provide a more holistic summary of noteworthy changes. Starting up with the new features,Perl 5.28 has been upgraded to support  Unicode version 10.0 , which now even incorporates the Bitcoin symbol! .. full article on

Learn to Code With Games

Play games and learn something while you are at it? Even better, rather than feeling guilty about wasting time playing games, you are in fact "studying"? With so many code playgrounds out there, here are three of the latest, and free, offerings. The first one is  JSRobot  and teaches Javascript by letting you control a little Robot. It is targeted at total beginners in coding as well as the Javascript language and therefore cover the very basics, such as the Console:... full article on

Learn To Program the Blockchain With Devslopes For Free

It is strongly believed that AI together with the Blockchain is the upcoming revolution in technology. Professionals in these areas are expected to be highly sought after. Recognizing this need, Devslopes aims to transform any beginner to a professional and currently has a very attractive offer that amounts to free training. We've recently looked into the Blockchain technology and its future in watching and reviewing the  EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum's Blockchain AMA  which revolved around the Blockchain's  applications on a pan-European level. Since the EU Commission is so fond of this novel technology, you certainly get the feeling that you have to do something about it to prepare for a Blockchain-powered future. Devslopes is one of the most recently founded .... full article on