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Showing posts from November, 2023

Liberica Joins The Java CRaC Train

  CRaC is a novel technique that makes the JVM faster to start. Liberica's JDK build has just added support for it. Here are the details. Is CRaC the magic recipe to Java's warm up problems? The JVM is notorious for its hefty requirements in startup and warmup times. The main reason for the slow startup is that it takes much time to load, link, and initialize classes. Of course we are talking micro-seconds here but the delay can make a difference when trying to spin VMs on the Cloud and run Microservices. There are ideas for speeding things up and CRaC is one of them.

AWS Lambda Adopts Java 21

  AWS Lambda functions can now use all the new and useful language features as well as performance improvements introduced in Java 21 as part of the Amazon Corretto JDK implementation.

Spatial Data Management For GIS and Data Scientists

  Videos of the lectures taught in Fall 2023 at the University of Tennessee are now available as a YouTube playlist. They provide a complete overview of the concepts of GeoSpatial science using Google Earth Engine, PostgresSQL GIS , DuckDB, Python and SQL.

Microsoft's Generative AI for Beginners

  A free, self-paced online course about Generative AI is on offer from Microsoft's Azure Cloud Advocates. It's a 12-lesson curriculum targeted at complete novices to LLMs.

Helidon Microservices Framework Version 4 Reaches General Availability

  Helidon, the open source microservices framework by Oracle, has been updated to version 4, just a month after the release of Java 21. With this release Helidon becomes the world’s first virtual threads-based microservices framework.

Step CI - The API Quality Assurance Framework

  Power up your API testing inside your CI workflow with Step CI, a free open-source tool that has also introduced a paid Support Plan. Step CI is another tool to have in your developer's toolbelt.We had a look at a few others recently. These were OpenAPI Diff, AWS Smithy and Redocly CLI, each one having its own purpose: OpenAPI Diff, or Oasdiff for short, is an open source utility that takes comparing OpenAPI specs to identify breaking changes to a whole new level.

Perl Dancer2 Web Framework Updated

  Despite the project going back to 2009, the just announced release is 1.0.0. Let's look at this milestone release, adopting a retrospective attitude. Of course, we are talking about Dancer2 , the new generation of Dancer as a complete rewrite of Dancer1 based on Moo.