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Semgrep - More Than Just a Glorified Grep

Introducing a tool to search through code for flaws where plain regexes fall flat and using Static Application Security Testing would be overkill. Semgrep proclaims itself as: "a tool for easily detecting and preventing bugs and anti-patterns in your codebase. It combines the convenience of grep with the correctness of syntactical and semantic search". It isn't just a glorified grep, though. It occupies a space somewhere in between grep and a SAST tool - more expressive than grep, but not as hard to tweak and learn as a SAST. on i-programmer

Java Language Extensions for SQL Server Open Sourced

SQL Server had for a long time been integrated with the Common Language Runtime under which it could interface with the general programming languages of the .NET framework, allowing for writing stored procedures, triggers, user-defined types, user-defined functions, user-defined aggregates, and streaming table-valued functions using the likes of Visual Basic .NET or C#. But that's deep integration. For the rest of the languages, not part of the .NET framework, SQL Server can still interact with them at a minimal level through the so-called Language Extensions SDK, for the time being just programs written in Java. on i-programmer

Machine Learning Python Plugins For GIMP

The open-source raster graphics editor, GIMP, gets a big creative boost with brand new Machine Learning extensions dubbed GIMP-ML. While the aim of GIMP-ML is primarily to make some tough image processing tasks much easier using Deep Learning, the project can also claim to provide to be a victory of open source  over its closed source counterparts, even over high caliber commercial applications such as Photoshop. It benefits from the advantage of open architectures, open source and community driven effort in the extensibility of applications. With those ML extensions GIMP mixes Science and Art to bring forth some pretty magical effects - background blurring, face parsing, generative portrait modification, relighting, motion blurring and generating super-resolution images. on i-programmer

The Android PrivacyBreacher Project

An open source research tool and application that looks into the circumstances in which Android's permission model can be compromised to harm user privacy. Note that we are not talking of exploits here, but normal usage of Android's APIs which can be manipulated in ways that can expose the phone user's privacy. For example. one issue is that apps can monitor the phone's screen state, which of course has legitimate uses. but can also be manipulated into: on i-programmer

Free Database Schemas From DrawSQL

DrawSQL, a SaaS platform for visualizing databases schemas, has made 200+ database diagram templates available for free. The high quality collection comprises schemas by real world applications and open source packages like Django, Laravel or Wordpress. We all know that great application infrastructure stands on the shoulders of a great Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). And we also know that designing a good ERD is a fragile and tough process, hence many developers look for inspiration. or even basing theirs upon predefined examples of solid examples found in real world applications and scenarios. full article on i-programmer

Learn To Code with JetBrains Academy

With tracks on Java, Kotlin and Python and with many hands-on projects, the new JetBrains Academy  is currently free under an Early Access Program. This is an opportunity not to be missed The free EAP offer acts as a promotion of JetBrains deal with the new Hyperskill platform which takes care of the underlying infrastructure, under JetBrain's attempt to capture a share of the growing developer education market. The aim of the platform is to prepare students in their language of choice for junior dev positions. While all you need to get started is a browser, since the code can be run within it, some parts of the service are accessible only via JetBrains IDEs under an educational license; in essence free too. on i-programmer