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Turn Your SQLite Database Into A Server

  ..with the 'sqld' daemon and access it over the network using  the PostgreSQL wire protocol. The use cases do not stop there. It seems that the Postgresql wire protocol, which enables you to migrate application code written for another dbms to Postgres, has set a trend. We've already checked BabelFish and MangoDB (now FerretDB) in action using it:

FerretDB The MongoDB Drop-In Replacement Is Production Ready

  FerretDB moves your application workloads from MongoDB to PostgreSQL. Why is that big a deal? FerretDB, previously MangoDB (yes, Mango, this is not a typo!) is: a stateless proxy, which converts MongoDB protocol queries to SQL, using PostgreSQL as a database engine. It is compatible with MongoDB drivers, and should work as a drop-in replacement to MongoDB in many cases.

Robots Address The United Nations

  The UN invited the current state of the art robots and their creators at the 2023 AI For Good Global Summit event to speak about AI and its future of becoming integrated into society. Among them were Sophia the first robot UN ambassador, Desdemona, the rock star robot, and Ai-Da, the robot artist who  had already addressed the UK's House of Lords . All these robots exhibited high sophistication in speaking and language, evidencing thinking skills as well as motor skills.

OpenAPI Diff Prevents API Breakages

  OpenAPI Diff, or Oasdiff for short, is an open source utility that takes comparing OpenAPI specs to identify breaking changes to a whole new level. The consensus is that despite have a multitude of tools available nowadays, designing and maintaining an API is still not an easy task to perform. One of the aspects that causes problems is the dreaded "breaking change". Why is that? Let Oasdiff main implementer and Tufin CTO, Reuven Harrison,explain:

AWS Database Encryption SDK for Amazon DynamoDB In Preview

  AWS Database Encryption SDK is an upgrade to the existing Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client, that enables attribute level encryption of DynamoDB workloads client-side. DynamoDB has always had server-side encryption to ensure your data was encrypted at rest. This new SDK enables client- side encryption too, allowing you to protect the data in transit before it even leaves its origin. Previously, if you wanted client-side encryption you had to provision your own solution in your applications. With the SDK that's a thing of the past.

Chainguard's Enforce Platform Boosted With New Capabilities

  Enforce, Chainguard's enterprise-ready platform for supply chain security in containerized applications gets now an upgrade to unlock some new major features that enable secure software development across each step of the software supply chain.

Master LLMs On Data For Free

  The LangChain And Vector Databases in Production course is a joint effort by Activeloop, Towards AI and Intel Disruptor Initiative to equip professionals with the means to master Large Language Models (LLMs), going all the way from training to production. It's free and self paced. And leading to a certification as LangChain & Vector Databases in Production is part one of three which collectively comprise the Gen AI 360 Foundational Model Certification.

Apache Spark Now Understands English

  An   SDK   for Apache Spark has been released that takes English instructions and compiles them into   PySpark   objects, making Spark more user-friendly and accessible.

Perl 5.38.0 Released - An Appeal To New Blood?

  Perl, despite having fallen out of favor and tanking in terms of programming language popularity, still moves forward. It's business as usual with version 5. 38 just released. Maybe, just maybe, the new features introduced into the language in this newest version will attract much sought new talent. Perl is a language that while it doesn't attract new blood, is nevertheless resilient and embraced by a community of developers who really know the reasons that make it worth sticking to.