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Natural Language Processing Demystified the title of a free, self-paced and comprehensive course that will  take you from beginner to expert in this topic. With 15 modules, it provides a solid grounding in NLP covering everything from the very basics to today's advanced models and techniques. Natural Language Processing or NLP is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that makes computers understand natural languages like English. So what? why invest into learning NLP in the first place? full article on i-programmer:

An Easy Introduction To Generative Adversarial Networks

  We frequently report on breakthroughs in AI achieved by GANs - but exactly what is a GAN? Let Google provide the answer with this guide to GANs for beginners which comes  with great illustrations, step-by-step guidance and down-to-earth language. With an unimaginative title, plainly called  Generative Adversarial Networks , this course is part of a wider collection of advanced courses on machine learning by Google. The rest are: full article on i-programmer:

A New Era For Spring

 The new versions of both Spring Framework and Spring Boot come with new baseline requirements. They also have great new features. Let's look into them. First of all, what are these new baseline requirements? A jump to Java version 17 breaks all ties with the past. This means that since the majority of legacy Java apps are mostly in Java 8 and the newer ones being written at minimum in version 11+, there's going to be some migration pain if you want to consume all the new bells and whistles. While upgrading a Java 8 app to take advantage of the new Spring version might not be realistic, rewriting it or starting a new project from scratch by adopting the new framework is a sensible proposition.

WebFX - Java To JavaScript

 WebFX offers a new way to develop modern web-based Java applications with rich desktop-like GUIs. How is that possible? It is possible due to WebFX being a JavaFX application transpiler powered by GWT which can transpile a JavaFX application into a traditional self-contained pure JavaScript web app with no plugin or server required for its execution in the browser. That means that if you are responsible for a legacy JavaFX application or are developing under the revamped JavaFX as Openjfx you can now port your application to the web without having to rewrite it.

Take the Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Skills Challenge

  A free, self-paced course by Microsoft gives you the chance to  expand your knowledge of Azure Cosmos DB as well as earning a certification. Azure CosmosDB is Microsoft's mutli-model distributed database for supporting workloads at scale. As we examined in " Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL Reaches General Availability" , by adding support for PostgreSQL CosmosDB has broken free of the NoSQl model and spanned over to the Relational. This move has rendered Azure the first cloud provider to offer its own single database service that supports both relational and NoSQL workloads from PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Apache Cassandra.

JetBrains Qodana Moves To The Cloud

  JetBrains' integrated code quality platform moves from locally hosted development environments to the cloud. Why is that great? Back in October 2021 when Qodana went public,  we reported  that the tool was not just a mere linter: While Qodana's job is to identify and suggests fixes for bugs, security vulnerabilities, duplications, imperfections, anomalous code, probable bugs, dead code, etc, it is also a complete Code Quality Platform with the aim of improving the overall code structure of a project by applying the best coding practices as well as providing integrations and visualizations of inspections and errors right in your favorite JetBrains IDE.

TLDR Explains Code Like I Am Five

  TLDR is a plugin for the popular Jetbrains IDEs that explains what a piece of code does in natural English. It's a big productivity boon for developers. TLDR, although based on OpenAI's Codex, the model that's also powering GitHub copilot, does not intend to help you write code or automate anything. Instead it attempts to decipher what a piece of code does by producing a narrative in natural English, saving hours when trying to read and comprehend it. As programmers, one skill that must be mastered is reading code. This is manifested in a variety of ways: A student trying to understand an assignment A beginner or senior trying to learn a new language Understanding code to refactor it Understanding code to use it for your own As part of a Code review or QA When inheriting an unknown or legacy codebase When the software house is handed in a code base which is the product of the outsourcing to a third party full article on i-programmer: