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Showing posts from December, 2023

TornadoVM Reaches Version 1.0

  TornadoVM is a plug-in to OpenJDK that allows developers to automatically run Java programs on heterogeneous hardware. The project has just matured to version 1.0.

Microsoft Goes All Out On Educating Developers

  What better way to lure devs into the platform than to provide clear how-to instructions and deep educational material? Over the last couple of years, but especially during 2023, Microsoft has pumped up its educational facilities on . NET. For instance, it has released a number of self-paced projects we here at I Programmer have covered, such as:

The Visual Studio Code Oracle Java Platform Extension

  A new extension by Oracle makes the life of Java devs a little bit easier and more productive. The battle of the IDEs is hotting up. While previously the choice of the programming language would also direct the choice of the IDE, with the advent of the Language Server Protocol, which separates the language from the editor, the lines have been blurred because any IDE can nowadays support any given language.

.NET Conf 2023 Was A Blast!

  The biggest .NET virtual event reached its 13th online conference. All the sessions have been made available on YouTube. That's right; a huge playlist comprising of 102 videos. A lot to digest, that's why we picked the most interesting sessions in our opinion to watch.

Spring Boot 3.2.0 Comes With Virtual Threads and CRaC

  This release adds a significant number of new features and improvements and, thanks to CRaC, faster warm up times. There's been a lot of news and developments around the Java ecosystem lately. Java 21, Virtual Threads, OpenJDK builds with CRaC, are just a few.