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Fly Over the Moon With Microsoft And Python

  Although targeted at kids, this extension to Microsoft's learning paths teaching Python programming inspired by NASA scientists, is recommended for anyone who wants a novel way into coding and machine learning.  Last summer Microsoft Learn and NASA partnered up to teach Python programming applied to Space exploration. Now they've added three new modules this time inspired by the Netflix's animation film "Over the Moon". full article on i-programmer

Microsoft Offers Web Development for Beginners

  Microsoft has released a new self-paced and free curriculum for total beginners to both programming and web development. Web-Dev-For-Beginners , which is hosted on GitHub with links to You Tube videos, is  a collaboration among many developers across the Microsoft stack; Project managers, Cloud, AI and JavaScript advocates, each one working on different bits of the curriculum which comprises of a total of 24 lessons. It teaches HTML,CSS and JavaScript, the latter without the use of any frameworks. This is done to avoid introducing yet another complexity to the project, that of having to learn the intricacies of a separate framework, while keeping the focus on learning the language itself. It's a good approach that follows the newest trends which encourages people to break out of frameworks and going for plain vanilla Javascript. full article on i-programmer

.NET On QA-[Has the time come for a new StackOverflow?]

  Microsoft Q&A is a global, community-driven platform for timely, high-quality technical answers. Is StackOverflow in trouble? Not quite because this is an effort just focused on Microsoft products.The newest addition to the platform is the section on .NET and its sibling technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, F#, Xamarin, Windows Forms and so on. Specifically it is divided into three distinct categories - Runtime; App & Web Development; and Languages, Data and more. The Runtime category involves .NET 5, .NET Core and the .NET Framework. App & Web Development and Languages is split into Cross-platform, Desktop and Mobile Development, ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET (Classic), while Languages, Data and more comprises of Languages, Machine Learning & AI, Data, Acquisition and Deployment, Tools and More. full article on i-programmer

Get Super-Productive With JetBrains Space

  Fancy a super tool that combines what you can find in Slack, Github, JIRA and Google Docs into one package? Then read on. JetBrains has launched its new productivity tool called  Space , an integrated team environment and all-in-one collaboration solution that covers software development, project/team management, and communications. As such it's a direct competitor to Slack and Microsoft Teams amongst others. full article on i-programmer

Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course Free From NYU

A Deep Learning course taught by Yann LeCun, a pioneer of convolutional neual networks and Facebook's Chief AI scientist, has been made available online for free. This is courtesy of the New York University's Center for Data Science or NYU CDS for short, where Yann LeCun taught the course last Spring under the code name DS-GA 1008.It is based on Python/Pytorch wich code can be run online on Jupyter Notebooks. A quick look at the curiculum shows that the course is cutting edge and covers most deep learning techniques;supervised/self-supervised learning, embedding methods, metric learning, convolutional and recurrent nets and all that with practical application on computer vision, natural language understanding and speech recognition. full article on

Hour of Code Teaches AI For Good

  It's the time of year when the world-class Hour of Code once more commences; just an hour to  introduce coding to the uninitiated. This is not just an article about alone, but a wider look at its emphasis on AI for a new generation. Integrated into the larger worldwide annual Computer Science Education week, this year it takes place from December 7 to 11.Hour of Code's novel mission has always been to get everybody coding, aged from 4 to 104, by providing: A one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code, showing that anybody can learn the basics, and broadening participation in the field of computer science. It tries to spread this kind of excitement to the widest audience possible by empowering anyone who wants to, to register and set up such an event as well as to publicize it on the Hour of Code website in order to make it available to anyone regardless race, sex, age or state.The next step is to go through one of the many Hour of Code tuto

Jetpack Compose for Desktop Milestone 2

Following its initial announcement of Jetpack Compose for Desktop last month, JetBrains has now announced Milestone 2, updated with a Swing interoperability layer. full article on