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All about Mojolicious – interview of Sebastian Riedel part 1

Our journey into the world of Perl’s Web frameworks would not be complete without Mojolicious, therefore we talked to Sebastian Riedel, Mojolicious’ mastermind and Catalyst’s original founder. We looked at Mojolicious’ history: why Sebastian left Catalyst for Mojolicious , present: what does the framework actually do , the project’s future: Sebastian’s long-term plans , and whether Perl6 will have an effect on the project. We also get more technical with questions like why not opt for a DSL like Dancer does, what is meant by ‘real time web framework’ , whether the framework is dependency free and much more. full interview on Josettorama

Geekuni Dancer Web Development Course

The Web Development course sets out to teach you Dancer 2, a topic that will be unfamiliar to most. When starting out with something new you have the choice of possibly a book, if there is one, rely on the manual (good luck with that) or follow the sparse tutorials found in the blogosphere. Unstructured, time consuming, just not easy. What better way to get started than following a rapid, carefully planned curriculum, with structured, cohesive material and real world value? That’s exactly where this web based course steps in. full review on i-programmer