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Formation of Partnership On AI

Amazon, DeepMind/Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft have announced the founding of a non-profit organization that to advance public understanding of artificial intelligence technologies and formulate best practices on the challenges and opportunities AI presents. This collaboration comes into existence shortly after the inaugural report of the AI100 Study, which we reviewed earlier his week and sets out to address fundamental socio-economic issues it set out: Who is responsible when a self-driven car crashes or an intelligent medical device fails? How can AI applications be prevented from promulgating racial discrimination or financial cheating? Who should reap the gains of efficiencies enabled by AI technologies and what protections should be afforded to people whose skills are rendered obsolete? Because ultimately, as people integrate AI more broadly and deeply into industrial processes and consumer products, best practices need to be spread, and regulatory regim

How Will AI Transform Life By 2030? Initial Report

The panel of experts tackling "The One-Hundred Year Study of Artificial Intelligence" attempts to address this question in an in-depth report that reviews the advancements and benefits as well as challenges that this technology heralds. This is the very first in a series of reports set to be published annually. It consists of 27 double-sided pages with a two-column format. As such, its size and presentation can put potential readers off, so we prepared a summary of the most important points interspersed with our own experience on the matter. full article on

Taming Regular Expressions

Despite their power, regular expressions come with their own challenges. First of all, they have a tendency to quickly become unreadable, so that understanding them becomes a matter of deobfuscation. Furthermore learning how to use them involves a steep curve as they've always been difficult to master. Simple Regex Language, is the latest addition to the many solutions already at large. An open source project on GitHub, under the MIT License, it takes the radical approach of targeting the very "language" that we use to write regular expressions, completely replacing it with a domain specific counterpart. But first, let's take a deeper look into the domain specific problem that SRL tries to alleviate. To address the primary issue of unreadability, the /x modifier was introduced, which allowed for the inclusion of white space, line breaks as well as commenting in the regex itself. Under /x the regex engine wouldn't treat those elements as part of th

AngularClass Angular 2 Fundamentals - The Coolest Course In Existence

This has to be one of the most interesting online courses I've ever come across, mainly down to the instructor's hip and fast talking sprinkled with the right amount of "yo's" and "hey's" that make it distinct. This doesn't suggest anything about its nature. however. It just happens that the instructor. besides being super confident in his craft and technology stack, clearly demonstrated in the video-based sessions,is also being cool! Now on the course itself, it's so hands-on that it becomes overwhelming. Looking through an Angular 2 lens it takes students through the basics, like components and selectors, services and state management, routing and authentication, by building a Google Keep clone from scratch. full article on i-programmer

Telerik's Mobile App Development Webinar Reviewed

Rob Lauer, from the Telerik Platform Product Management Team at Progress, recently hosted a webinar on ways of building mobile applications. Mobile Application Development - Demystified is now available to all. The presentation was logically divided into two parts; the first on choosing the right tools depending on the developer's background, while the second, on using Telerik's integrated platform for building and deploying applications, even visually without requiring any coding. full article on i-programmer

Airship, a truly secure PHP CMS

Attacks on popular Content Management Systems are all too common, and with hacking nowadays considered big business, there's no sign of the attacks declining. CMSs therefore find themselves caught in the eye of the storm, considered as a prime target for both script kiddies and professional hackers alike, as they hold the biggest share of the e-commerce market. The statistics revealed in Sucuri's most recent  Website Hacked Trend report, paint a depressing picture, mainly due to the great user adoption of CMS which ...brings about serious challenges to the internet as a whole as it introduces a large influx of unskilled webmasters and service providers responsible for the deployment and administrations of these sites full article on i-programmer

Lucida For Personal Artificial Intelligence

The Clarity Labs team of researchers at Michigan University made headlines last year with the release of its own IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant), called Sirius. Sirius was mistakenly regarded by many as the open source version of Apple's Siri, but that wasn't the case since the two projects are totally unrelated. Maybe that's one reason for rebranding Sirius as Lucida. As Jeremy Russell, a member of the core team, puts it: When Sirius was started it was more of an afterthought prototype for research done on what hardware platforms work best for an IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant), it seemed that a re-brand would be a good idea once it was decided to focus on the AI platform itself full article on i-programmer

Try ASP.NET MVC on Code School - Course Review

A recently announced free course on Code School is about making web sites with the MVC pattern and C# ASP.NET. Given the current trend for MVC these days, this course presents a good opportunity for experiencing it from a .NET perspective. Despite being a lightweight introduction, just three levels deep, and with just two goals to complete, Try .NET MVC  manages to meet its goal of providing a quick and easy to follow guide to the Microsoft way of doing MVC. These three levels comprise of a mix of videos that feature instructor Eric Fisher, who talks  you through the concepts, and assisted exercises to be carried out inside Code School's browser based IDE. There are just two goals to complete: add Names to a list and then display those Names. full article on i-programmer