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Blazor WebAssembly Crash Course

  What is Blazor? What is it used for? What kind of applications can you write with it? Is it client side or server side? This free crash course on building Blazor WebAssembly applications based on .NET 5.offers a first class opportunity to get behind the hype of what Blazor is and what it can do. But before that, let me outline the background first... full article on

Improve your Spring Boot Error Handling

  with the Error Handling Spring Boot Starter library. We look at a  project that improves on the default Spring boot error handling for REST APIs. According the project's definition this project sets out: to make it easy to have proper and consistent error responses or in other words to fix what's wrong with the default Spring Boot error handling. Which is : full article on

Jetpack Compose For Web - Putting Order To Chaos

  The Jetpack Compose saga continues with its newest installment, Web, which is an attempt to unify development across Android, Desktop and Web platforms. Compose this,Compose that, it's easy to loose track. So let's put order to this chaos! The starting point was the Jetpack Compose UI toolkit for Android which meant you could write dramatically less UI code in a declarative fashion. I covered that in  Android Jetpack Compose Is Welcome, But What About The Churn?  back in  September 2020. That was version Alpha. full article on

OtterTune AutoTweaks Your DBMS With Help From ML

  OtterTune is a tool powered by self-driving DBMS technology out of R&D at Carnegie Mellon University that aims to alleviate the fundamental difficulties of tuning a DBMS. full article on

Android Studio 4.2 Released

  Although version 4.2 is considered a minor update, it still packs a host of features focused mainly on productivity, including more advanced support for GitHub pull requests. In trying to upgrade the experience of its users working with the IDE, it brings improvements to several such components like the Database Inspector, the Layout Inspector, the Systems Trace, the Apply Changes and Gradle.   full article on

First Aid...Git!

  What First Aid Git does is indexing as well as making searchable the most frequently asked Git-related questions, based on the personal experience of Ricardo Magalhães who created it, Stack Overflow popularity, and the official Git documentation. full article on