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JetBrains Plugin Adds DeepCode Integration

DeepCode, a SAST tool bug finder based on machine learning, can now be used seamlessly from within IntelliJ, PyCharm, and WebStorm. There's a lot of interest lately on Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tools, and that has to do with the fact that the software written today is very complex and very large - a simple code review by humans won't cut it anymore. Thus the introduction of SAST tools into the CI/CD pipeline and more specifically at the Commit-time and Test-time check phases.We've recently covered a new hybrid kind of tool of the genre, in " Semgrep - More Than Just a Glorified Grep" , which occupies a space somewhere in between grep and a SAST tool - more expressive than grep, but not as hard to tweak and learn as a SAST. on i-programmer

Monetize Open Source Software with XS:CODE

Introducing XS:CODE, a subscription based service looking to get OSS developers paid for their work. Even as a hobby, writing OSS is serious work, up to par or even superseding that of closed source software, since hundreds or even thousand of eyes will be looking at your source and judging you. Hence you should be on your top performance. On top of that, you have treat it as a real world project which has to be launched, managed, maintained and contributed to. Some of the tasks involved in that, as we've explored in  "The Open Source Guides To Managing Open Source Software Projects" , are to: full article on i-programmer

Updated AI Fairness 360 Toolkit Supports R and Scikit-learn

AI Fairness 360 is IBM's evolving toolkit which tackles the big problem of discrimination and bias diffusing the machine learning models. It now gets compatibility with Scikit-learn and R. Here at IProgrammer we have examined AI-based bias and discrimination many times in the past both from a technical and societal perspective. Societal wise in " Ethics Guidelines For Trustworthy AI"  we've gone through the European Commission's attempt to release a set of guidelines on how to build AIs that can be trusted by society. The verdict was that in order to have "Trustworthy AI", the following three components were deemed necessary:  on i-programmer

Mojolicious Web Clients - book review

Mojolicious might be famous for its server side presence but that doesn't rule out excellence on the client side as well, as  this book demonstrates. This book about writing post modern client application that can interact with web sites build with Mojolicious or otherwise. As on the server side, so on the client side there's a sheer amount of choices and depth of functionality that Mojo supports. JSON and XML parsing, DOM handling with CSS selectors and asynchronous requests amongst others. One namespace to rule them all. on