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100 Hours of Computer Science Videos

  The Raspberry Pi Foundation has partnered with the Oak National Academy to turn the content of England’s National Computing Curriculum into more than 300 curriculum-mapped videos and made them available for free. The so-called Teach Computing Curriculum funded by England's Department of Education was online and in place pre-Covid, hosting computing classroom material for Key Stages 1 to 4 (learners aged 5 to 16). Despite targeting England’s schools, the curriculum has been available to anyone across the world and for free. Due to the pandemic and schools closing, all the curriculum's lesson have been turned into videos, 300 in total, amounting to over 100 hours, so that kids can continue to learn computing at home. full article article

Learn How To Do Java On Azure

  There's a new, free, course from Microsoft where you learn how to build, migrate and scale Java applications on Azure. Of course it's a promotional item attracting Java developers to the Azure platform but that doesn't take away from its general educational benefit. Along with Azure you get to grips with Java's ecosystem by using  popular tools and frameworks like Spring boot, Tomcat and Gradle. You also get an insight into recent technologies.  For example in the unit "Types of Java applications" we learn the differences between Monolithic applications, Microservices, Batch jobs and Serverless apps. full article on i-programmer

Learn To Protect Against XS-Leaks

  There's a brand new Wiki by Google engineers that sets out to educate secuirity developers about cross-site leaks. Announcing the launch of the new   XS-Leaks wiki  on the  Google Security blog , Information Security Engineers, Artur Janc and terjanq, comment:  full article on i-programmer

Take Cornell's CS 6120 Advanced Compilers For Free

  A PhD-level course, originally provided remotely to Cornell Computer Science students, has now been made available for free to anyone in a self-paced version. The full title of this course is Fall 2020: CS 6120, “Advanced Compilers”. It a new and experimental PhD-level course about programming language implementation using a broad definition of "compilers".It is taught by Adrian Simpson, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University, who specializes in programming languages and computer architecture. full article on i-programmer

PostgreSQL Is DB-Engines DBMS of the Year For 2020

  n yet another confirmation of its popularity and worth, PostgreSQL has taken the annual accolade awarded by DB-Engines. In a short statement, DB-Engines states: PostgreSQL is the database management system that gained more popularity in our DB-Engines Ranking within the last year than any of the other 360 monitored systems. We thus declare PostgreSQL as the DBMS of the Year 2020. We not covered DB-Engines ranking before even though its been going since 2013 and its chart has an obvious similarity to the TIOBE Index in that it adds new datapoints each month: full article on i-programmer 

BlocklySQL - Visual SQL Programming

B locklySQL is a block-based, visual programming tool like Scratch but for SQL. It is the outcome of academic research at the University of Wuerzburg on the kind of errors that students who are novice in writing SQL queries make. The research has shown that the top three errors are: wrong syntax (21%), undefned column name (13%), and wrong use of GROUP BY-clause(10%), mostly syntactic errors.Thus the idea was that a block-based editor that would eliminate such errors would make learning SQL easier. full article on i-programmer

New To Perl? What Do You Need?

  Developers who use Perl are invited to take a survey to provide feedback on what help and guidance they would find useful. It's a Perl Foundation initiative to guide developers in their journey of learning Perl. The survey, titled " Coding in Perl? What support do you need? "  aims to encourage, guide, and even provide mentorship to newcomers who could otherwise quickly lose their enthusiasm and motivation for Perl. We know that support levels across the community vary and that it might not always be easy for newcomers to get help TPF acknowledging that fact prepared a survey in order to better understand what sort of help they community would like to see. full article on -programmer