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Apache OpenJPA-Life Beyond Hibernate?

Apache OpenJPA is the Java persistence project of the Apache Software Foundation. After quite some time flying under the radar, there's a new release. Let's look into it. JPA, aka the Java Persistence API, manages persistence and object relational mapping in Java EE and Java SE environments. Libraries like OpenJPA, Hibernate or EclipseLink are those providing the implementations of the standard. By writing code that adheres to the API you are not constrained by the specific library's features, despite the fact that sometimes the additional non-standard functionalities they provide can be desirable. Therefore you are free at any time to swap those libraries behind the scenes for improved performance, reduction in bug count or edge cases. full article on i-programmer:

Kalix-NoOps High-performance Microservices and APIs

  What Kalix Platform-as-a-Service promises is massive - a way to write cloud applications based on Kubernetes under a unified API abstracting the lower layers away. We know that Kubernetes is magic, but at the same time hard - hard to setup, hard to configure, hard to operate, hard to write applications on, and this difficulty is a reason of why many are reluctant to let go of their monolith for the microservices world: “Complexity in the cloud ecosystem is slowing down engineering and development teams,” said Jonas BonĂ©r, Lightbend’s founder and CEO. “Kubernetes does an excellent job managing, orchestrating, and ensuring availability and scalability of containers, but that’s only half the story. ”There needs to be an equal investment in the application layer to make it easier for the developer to build complete applications that take full advantage of all the excellent underlying cloud infrastructure we have at our disposal. Kalix is the solution to this critical issue.” Under the cu

Dash Dash - Making Linux Documentation More Approachable

  Dash Dash is a new website that aims to prettify the ugly that is the Man Pages. What once felt like a maze of weird symbols and hyper intense colors, now are visually subdued and easier to understand. Navigating Linux documentation when in need is not something enjoyable.Take for instance the Man Pages for chmod : full article on i-programmer:

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ

 The Azure Toolkit is a plugin for IntelliJ that provides templates and functionality with which you easily create, develop, test, and deploy Azure applications. The newest version 3.64.0 was recently released.  The plugin is part of the Azure Toolkits for Java which also includes Azure Toolkit for Eclipse.The plugin is compatible with all version of IntelliJ (Ultimate, Community, Educational) and powers up the IDE with the following functionality: full article on i-programmer:

Integrate Azure and Spring with Spring Cloud Azure

 Spring Cloud Azure is an open-source project that provides seamless Spring integration with Azure services.It has now reached version 4.0. Not to be confused with Azure Spring Cloud. which is a fully managed Spring Cloud service on Azure,Spring Cloud Azure is just an SDK that offers a convenient way to interact with Azure-provided services using well-known Spring idioms and APIs for Spring developers. Spring Cloud Azure is a slightly vague term, but in essence it collectively brings together under one umbrella the following components: full article on i-programmer: