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Learn With Microsoft's Learning Rooms

  Microsoft's new Learning Rooms aim to bring instructors,experts and beginners together under one roof, and drive the learning experience around Microsoft tools many steps forward. This new initiative from Microsoft bolsters its existing support for users of its tools and technology. Back in 2020 we examined  ".NET on Q&A" , a forum similar to StackOverflow but .NET centric and with a twist. Behind its moderators there was a dedicated support team of MSFT employees and, as our coverage highlighted, it had the advantage that MVPs and Product Managers were answering people's questions:

Azure Workshop with Quarkus, Spring Boot and Micronaut

  This free self-paced workshop shows how to develop sample microservices in Quarkus, Spring Boot and Micronaut as well as how to package them in Docker containers, deploy them and monitor their performance. As if going through the modern workflow of packaging and deploying microservices wasn't important enough, add to that coding them in modern Java runtimes/frameworks.

NSA's Cybersecurity Curriculum

  The CLARK (Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledge-base) Center from Towson and the NSA have published hundreds of cybersecurity learning courses and modules. Let's check what's on offer. CLARK is a platform for building and sharing free cybersecurity curricula. It provides cybersecurity educators with the building blocks to train the next wave of researchers and better prepare the cybersecurity workforce.

PlanetScale's MySQL Course For Developers

  Here's a free course on MySQL with a focus of using it as a Developer. While it is taught by Aaron Francis, Developer Educator at PlanetScale, the serverless MySQL platform, it applies to any MySQL instance and isn't PlanetScale-specific. Using a DBMS can be viewed from different angles depending on who's looking, the DBA or the Developer. As a dev you are not concerned about administration, system outages, system recovery, backing up, creating users and assigning roles nor do you need to get involved in security that is not application centric.

Learn Spring with React and MongoDB

  In this FreecodeCamp course, you will learn how to create a full stack application using MongoDB for the database, Java and Spring Boot for the back end and React for the front end. After covering  Dan Vega's 2023 Spring Boot Tutorial for Beginners  course, this is yet another Spring based one. What's the deal with Spring and why is there so much interest in it?

Cheerp C++ To Webassembly Compiler Now Open Source

  Cheerp is a C/C++ compiler for Web applications that lets you compile virtually any C/C++ code to WebAssembly and JavaScript. Its latest version 3.0 has been open sourced. Cheerp is used primarily to port existing C/C++ libraries and applications to HTML5, but can also be used to write high-performance Web applications and WebAssembly components from scratch. Using Cheerp, C/C++ code gets compiled into JavaScript/WebAssembly as well as becoming optimised with the right JavaScript interfaces being exposed, and can be easily integrated in a web application.

The Perfect Course On Java Basics

  Do you want a rapid and self paced tutorial on Java basics, OOP, and Intellij too as a total beginner? Then this course by Shai Almog is what you need. "Learn Java Basics" is free and up for grabs on Youtube as a playlist, comprised of 16 short videos, each up to 10 minutes in duration.

Bearer - A New SAST Tool On The Block

Bearer is a code security scanning tool (SAST) under secretive development for the last two years that discovers, filters and prioritizes security risks and vulnerabilities. Now it's ready and has been open sourced.

Github Provides Self-Service SBOMs

In another attempt to secure the precious software supply chain, GitHub has released a new Export SBOM functionality which generates an NTIA-compliant software bills of materials (SBOMs) on demand. The supply chain security aspect aside, this feature will also make it easier for software providers to comply with the US Executive Order 14028 on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, which introduced the requirements of providing SBOMs. full article on i-programmer: 

Dan Vega's 2023 Spring Boot Tutorial for Beginners

  A free crash course on Spring and Spring Boot for total beginners by none other than Dan Vega, the renowned Spring developer advocate for VMware. It's free and up for grabs on Youtube. The course, at the simplest of levels, answers two fundamental questions which tend to confuse those not familiar with Spring's ecosystem: full article on i-programmer: