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SAP's Creating Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence

With the ink hardly dry on the pages of the EU Ethical AI Guidelines manifest, a free online course exploring the issues they raise is already in prospect on the openSAP platform. Run by members of the very same group, the European Union’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, who wrote the guidelines and in cooperation with SAP's online education platform, a course with the title   Creating Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence  has been made accessible to anyone with an interest on AI or ML: full article on

Wolfram Engine for Developers Now "Free" + Wolfram Client Library for Python

The Wolfram Engine, which powers the Language as well as Wolfram's desktop and cloud products, is being released as free for developers (with limitations) so that it can be tried out and bundled into their software engineering projects.  The range of the software projects into which the Engine can be bundled and the environments it runs is outstanding. It can run on Linux, Mac, Windows, desktop, server.It can be called from scripts or programming languages such as Python or Java, and can inter-operate with sockets, ZeroMQ and MQTT amongst others. full article on

Udacity's Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

Kotlin is everywhere, well at least for Android. This new Udacity course shows how developing for the platform has radically changed. Java people, things don't look that good. Since our epic journey through the  Android Developer Nanodegree , things have changed a lot, dramatically a lot.Caveat, to be able to follow along this course you have to first know Kotlin, if not then it's best to start with a course purely on Kotlin such as the  Udacity Kotlin BootCamp for Programmers , which is free. Alternatively get a copy of  The Programmer's Guide To Kotlin ,  part of the I Programmer Library   and   newly available as a print replica Kindle Edition. Saying that, it's not just the introduction of Kotlin that has changed the face of development but the whole revamping of the platform, the libraries and the way of building apps. Admittedly, developing for the platform has never been an easy task to undertake. Memory leaks, notorious Fragment handling and Asynchronous pr

Kickstart Coding With Endless OS

Endless is a Linux distribution that comes with all the usual office and entertainment apps. It also includes a range of games involving visual coding with blocks or JavaScript, designed to kick-start kids into coding. Version 3.5.8 of the distribution comes with the following games, some employing visual block-based coding and others being text-based full article on i-programmer

A Reverse Engineering Workshop for Beginners

A Reverse Engineering workshop for absolute beginners comes from cybercrime researcher Ophir Harpaz. It is available, for free, online. What do people usually do in their free time ? They watch movies, read a book, go for a walk. Not Ophir, she spends her time reverse engineering binaries! However, she's not the only one with this interest, therefore she's compiled this magnificent web version of her 2018 Reverse Engineering workshop to share her experience with those of us who share her passion. So Reverse Engineering in this context is considered to be figuring out what a program does by examining the instructions the program "gives" to the CPU. full article on i-programmer

Google Promotes ChromeOS at Google I/O

Google seems determined to push heavily for ChromeOS judging from the announced goodies at its annual developer event, Gogle I/O.But is it at the expense of its other well-loved operating system, Android? ChromeOS is an ever-evolving operating system. At last year's Google I/O, its integration with Linux was announced, so that devs could use it create Linux apps. This year you can also create Android apps more easily than before. full article on i-programmer

Machine Learning Applied to Game of Thrones

No-one wants the beloved series to end. Some, like the geeks at Pachyderm, have gone to great lengths to extend its life span, to the point of employing ML to serve the Iron Throne.  This is a new example of  style transfer  where ML identifies the essential characteristics of a genre in order to create its own examples, such as we've seen before with  art   and even with  cooking . But first of all, what is Pachyderm and where does that word come from? full article on i-programmer

OpenSSH Version 8.0 Released

The OpenSSH suite, a complete SSH protocol 2.0 implementation which includes a sftp client and server, reaches version 8.0. The release mainly fixes a vulnerability (CVE-2019-6111) in the scp protocol that: more info on i-programmer