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Showing posts from October, 2023

Introducing The MDN Front-End Developer Curriculum

  MDM launches another initiative to get developers up-to-date with the skills the industry looks for when looking to hire front-end web developers. The Core skills of Coding aside, the skill set presented includes soft skills, knowledge of a typical development environment and learning how you can expand your knowledge and develop specialities.

Devoxx Belgium Sessions Now Online

  A massive Youtube playlist features all 126 talks from the recent Devoxx Belgium Conference days event. If you feel spoilt for choice, here's some help in deciding where to start.

Introducing Spring AI

  At the recent SpringOne conference, the Spring team announced the Spring AI project. With it you can start integrating the OpenAI and Azure OpenAI services with your Java code to unleash the power of AI in your apps and leverage the power of LLMs from within your Spring code.

What's New Java 21?

  The recent release of Java version 21 marks a milestone for the language. It has been readied for the cloud native era and modernized enough to make it easy for beginners to pick up. JDK 21 goes over the top comprising of fifteen JEPs, including the final versions of Record Patterns (440), Pattern Matching for switch (441), and Virtual Threads (444):

AI Village Capture The Flag

  A CTF competition organized by the AI Village community and hosted on Kaggle, where hackers interact with various machine learning security challenges, has just started with a prize pool of $50,000.

Why Software Engineering Will Never Die

  A new published paper, "Preparing Students for the Software Industry New Demands", is ostensibly a study on how graduates can become job ready. However, it also prompts thinking about the extent to which programmer jobs are threatened by low code tools or ai-assisted tools.

IBM's Visualizing Data with Python Course

  This is a free and self-paced course by the IBM Developer Skills Network Team that demonstrates the principles of Data Visualization, with Python of course. On Coursera, it forms part of two IBM Professional Certificates.

Docker And Sysdig Partner Up To Secure The Software Supply Chain

  Today at DockerCon, Docker has announced the General Availability of Docker Scout. With the integration of Sysdig Runtime Insights, Docker Scout helps developers prioritize risk. This will significantly improve software supply chain security. Let's find out why.