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What Makes Developers Tick

CodinGame has explored this issue with a survey of its dev community. Among key insights, its new report reveals which country is the best to work in.
CodinGame is a challenge-based training platform where programmers can improve their coding skills with fun exercises and is an easy-to-use platform for tech hiring companies. It claims a community of 1.7 million people worldwide and has over 500 international clients.
For the third year running, CodinGame profiled its developer community about their education & qualifications, what they would like to learn more about in 2020, their most loved programming languages versus their most dreaded, their level of fulfillment in coding and much more.
The data for the 2020 Report was collected via Survey Monkey from October to December 2019. Responses came from over 20,000 code enthusiasts in 120 countries. Here we consider some of the key takeaways from the survey. 
The question HOW DO DEVELOPERS LEARN TO CODE? gets the ball rolling. 43% answered at University with a further 15% at school, 34% learnt by themselves, 5% from a bootcamp or training course and just 2% from MOOCs.


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